Friday, June 13, 2008

Energizer Bunnies?

We're still going like crazy up here! Today we visited the Maritime Museum in Astoria, where they had a "tall ship" docked for tours. It was really amazing to see a sailing ship so big, just like a pirate ship- only for the good guys! We rode the trolley through town too, and ate fish and chips from a little consession stand type place that had the best tuna (!) fish and chips I've ever (or will ever) have! We ran all over the place and came home tonight for Salmon and corn on the cob- I haven't eaten so much seafood in all my life, and I'm loving it! But I've decided there's something in it that makes the kids hyper, cause they don't stop! They are driving me nuts, let alone Grandpa! It's been so much fun being here, even if the weather isn't cooperating like we wish it would!

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