Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On vacation at last!

Oregon is as beautiful as I remember it being almost 4 years ago when we were here last! It's frigid- but there's still an ocean, and Jon and the kids are in heaven. The kids both take after their father, simply looking at the waves is not enough, they have all been soaked from the waist down on several occasions just today! But our day was loaded! We started off with a trip to the candy store, Grandpa Duane couldn't wait to show the kids how many choices there were, little did he know how completely indecisive my children are! After quite a while, we left and headed to the aquarium. The kids got to touch a live sand dollar and hermit crabs, see the octopus and feed the seals. They road on the Seaside carousel and got completely spoiled rotten at the toy store, thank you Grandma Gerry! It's been so much fun, even the cold weather hasn't kept us from enjoying all we can! Tomorrow brings new adventures with a possible trip to Seattle to visit Jon's brother. I only say possible, because Jon and I are enjoying ourselves so much here that it's hard to leave and have to be in the car for 3 hours to there and back from! We'll see though!

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