Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun, Sun and tons of Friends!

We had a busy but fun Thursday. The Faireys had asked us to watch their kids while they went to Youth Conference with their YM and YW. We had them that afternoon and evening, though you wouldn't know from the pictures I've posted! I took them to the splash park where we met our friends the Frew's, and new friends too! We wore the kids out there and then came back to my house for dinner. The kids got to play together a lot, and with the party going on I ended up with a few neighbor kids too! At one point I know I had at least 14 kids at my house, not counting Justin!
I've found that girls like having their pictures taken much more than boys, Gage wouldn't even come close to the camera! Lori's friend Melissa (and now mine of course) has four of the cutest little boys and needless to say, my daughter and Emberli were smitten! They played red light green light, jumped on the trampoline, whatever we could do to keep them from falling asleep before bed time~ I don't know about all the other kids, but mine slept really well that night!

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The Van Komen's said...

Hey it was great to meet you too. We had a ball, thanks for putting up with five thousand extra kids AND feeding us a super yummy dinner! Your kids are adorable and I love your house, (remember when I get one you're going to decorate it!) Hope we get to play again the next time we're out this way. Thanks again and keep on bloggin!!