Friday, August 29, 2008

Space Ships and Star Wars!

Friday is finally here and the kids were so excited to be able to play with the neighbors later than normal tonight! Gage went to Benjamin Boltons birthday party today, and had so much fun! Benji loves Star Wars, and they had masks and light sabers and "Yoda Soda" and "Wookie Cookies" all thanks to a very creative and talented mom- way to go Valerie! They carried on with the Star Wars theme well into the night, building space ships out of scrap pieces of wood- and using so much imagination! One of the other neighbor boys, Trevor, wouldn't take his mask off! He wore it all day and into the night... good luck with that one Charity! It's so nice to have good neighbors! We appreciate them more than they know. This is our first experience in a real neighborhood, and we've really enjoyed it for the kids. Keeping track of them is a different story, but we're lucky to have made so many friends! We're looking forward to a fun weekend, despite the fact that (of course) I'll be working- hope you all do too, and May the Force be With You!

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Lucky Me said...

Thanks for being such a great family. I really enjoy having you to visit with. I love the pic with general Grevious' head upside-down. Will you send me the pics you took, Please? Thanks