Sunday, September 28, 2008

Once more, closer to shaving it all off.

Yes, seven times now! Sundays are hard for me, I do my best to keep the kids from playing with the neighbor kids, I at least have an excuse. I have even started keeping them from going outside, cause they disappear so quickly if I do. So, entertaining them all morning (our church starts at 1pm) has proven difficult. I hadn't done a very good job this morning because Ali came to me after making "projects" in my scrapbook room with ANOTHER HAIR CUT! So... what do I do? This time I was ANGRY! Seven times is ridiculous! You probably all think I need to give her more attention, or that it might be me doing something wrong- if so YOU TAKE HER! I really don't think I could do anything different short of gluing her to me and buying bigger shirts to hide her under. She is ALWAYS getting into trouble, even NOW as I am typing...she is doing something I asked her not to do.

Today's haircut wasn't as bad as the last one. Still, I am going to go bald myself before she turns six if she keeps doing things that make me pull my own hair out by the root!

On another note, today at church the kids were practicing their parts in the chapel for the upcoming primary program. I was on the other side of the church in Relief Society when I hear it... Ali belting her part loud and clear. After church she told me she wanted the whole neighborhood to hear it- nothing like being the center of attention...hmmmm, who does that sound like? Her mother maybe?

And no reason to leave Gage out... he has become the bus bully this year! Yes! Gage! The same little boy who got beat up on the bus last year! The same little boy who was relentlessly teased for his white hair- they called him Snow White- is now turning the table and dishing it out! The problem is, it's causing enough of a problem on the bus, that the bus driver pulled over the other morning to tell me that if it doesn't get better, he won't be allowed to ride! I dont' really know what to do! I am probably the reason why Gage is acting this way! I didn't want him to be a wuss, and told him to stick up for himself. I should have known that a little boy isn't going to stick up for himself the same way I would have hoped he would! Needless to say, the problem is on the mend, Gage has been threatened with something he values more than his life- his ability to play with his friends. If only that's all I had to do with Ali!


Jamie said...

being parents is soooooo not easy!! good luck and ill keep u in my prayers LOL!!!

Kandice said...

kids just suck sometimes, don't they...J/k, We are lucky to have them. the bus driver told me that Gavin better learn to keep his hands to himself..Hallie is a good little girl, and Kayler...we will NOT even go there...he is half devil half human...Good luck is all I can say. TTYL!