Friday, November 21, 2008

Stay home, no, go to school -and Barf anyway.

Well, first off, how does it feel to be invited to my private space? Thanks to everyone who left me their e-mail address- I hope it doesn't keep you from reading as often. It's been a long few days, and I am ready for a break!

Jon's grandmother died last Saturday. It's a blessing I guess for her, she struggled for a long time with her health, but it's still sad to close that chapter. Jon left for the funeral in Oregon on Wednesday, and will be home tomorrow. He called me from the beach today- as happy as he always is when he's close to the ocean. I really hope we're able to live there one day, I love to see him happy like that. Meanwhile, I've been left in the frigid basin to deal with 2 sick kids... which has proven to be a difficulty!
On Wednesday, the school tried to get a hold of me and couldn't, and my wonderful mother-in-law had to go pick up Gage after he threw-up in the lunch room. He's had a terrible cough and that dang gag reflex of his is so weak, he just lost it while he was coughing and eating lunch. Ew. My sister came up to visit that night and stayed for the last two nights, and we had a great time. She helped so much by taking my kids on Thursday while I worked- (until you have to actually worry about getting babysitters, no one knows how stressful it is. ) We were able to hang out a little, watch some TV, and talk a lot. She left today though. The whole plan was to have her come up to the opening of the new Twilight movie with me, but the person who was supposed to get us tickets wasn't able to, and so neither Cam nor I have seen it yet! Gage coughed and coughed last night in bed, so I was hesitant to send him to school this morning. He didn't ride the bus, but when I realized that he was just fine, I drove him to the school to finish the day. He rode the bus home and seemed fine, except for the cough. Now, the cough comes EVERY YEAR at this time, and every year I take him to the doctor and they tell me it's asthma associated, and perscribe breathing treatments and what-not, and he always seems to get over it miraculously after I've filled the prescription, but before we've used any of it. So, I decided not to go the doctor this time. Hmmm. We went to see the movie Bolt tonight, then went to McDonalds. Gage ended throwing up everything in the bathroom at McDonalds after running around and coughing... EVERY YEAR WE DO THIS!!! I had to clean up blown chunks with toilet paper, cause the bathroom only had a hand dryer instead of paper towels. I wasn't about to make someone else do it, but I did tell them to go back over it with the sanatizing stuff... even though they couldn't tell that anything had happened! I hope they did it!

And now the house is really quiet and the anxiety is setting in. I wish Jon were here, but I'm sure I'll be OK. I'm more upset cause I can't go to work tomorrow- I don't dare leave Gage with anyone else, in case he does have more than asthma. I'd hate to have a babysitter doing what I did today! And anyway, before he decided to puke, I had called a ton of babysitters and they either weren't home or they weren't able! Heaven help the mothers that get in the same boat as me! It is so hard! I actually would love to go to work tomorrow! I don't want to miss a good sales day. But, since my priorities are straight, the decision to stay home is much easier. Ho Hum.


Ethington Family said...

sorry about the sick kids. I have been dealing with that all month, so I know how you feel. Brett has been gone for 8 days, but he comes home tomorrow. I can't tell you how excited I am!!

The Van Komen's said...

Uhhggg, don't you love it when kids get sick when your by yourself? They plan it that way I think. Hope he gets feeling better. But, you HAVE to go see Twilight. Its a must. Especially if your husbands gone. Than you can daydream and night dream about Edward without any interuptions!

Just me! said...

Ooooohhhh! That bites! Poor Gage....throwing up at school. Ugh!! Maybe boys don't care, hope so. It always seems to work out when your spouse is off having a great time (probably just the ocean, I'm sure the funeral can't be fun) it is miserable at home. And you missed the big MOVIE!! You aren't alone. I have to wait for my Busch-sistas so I haven't seen it either. I wish I would have known you couldn't find someone to help you with your kids. They totally could have played at my house. Don't forget to call me next time. And...I say John owes you when he gets home. ;)

Kandice said...

Sick kids are the WORST. I am so sorry. I have spent WAY too many days doing that same thing. It also never fails that my kids get the sickest when G.J. is gone, go figure... Good luck, I hope he continues to get better!

Lucky Me said...

I'm sorry you have had such a miserable few days. I didn't even know Gage was sick. Here he and Benji are tromping around outside in the cold! I should have made them stay in! I hope you have a better night tonight. Did Jon get home okay? See ya.