Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Night- a first!

We have had family night before, but never as organized as we were tonight. I got a great lesson planner from my sister for Christmas, and a few other resources here in town with the determination to use them every week! We've done well to keep up family home evening, but tonight was a chance to see what my kids could understand- being that the lesson was a metaphor... the armor of God.
They did such a good job coloring their warriors! Even Jon got into it, making his "dude" a little stronger, hairier and even a little taller then the pattern actually was. Ali is getting good at cutting, and is actually very talented when it comes to coloring! Gage has always been our little colorer- and Ali, well, we're lucky if her attention span lasts long enough to get through sacrament meeting! When I asked the kids about the armor of God, they seemed to know exactly what I meant, I was quite impressed. We talked about what you would say if someone asked if you wanted drugs, or asked you to smoke with them. Gage said he would say "no thank-you, but thanks for asking!" (Which we corrected) and Ali said if someone asked her to smoke she would say "no thank you, I don't want that nasty stuff in my body." They knew not to let Satan influence their decisions and Gage said he would always use his Shield of Faith to deflect bad influences. Well, maybe not those exact words, but you get it anyway... Here's the results of our family night!
This is Gage's armor, he got really creative after he saw his dads! Note the "cheetah fur" on the helmet and boots. So chic!
This is Ali's. I've never had pictures end up sideways before... sorry!

This is mine. Matchy-matchy! But I did go a little wild on the shield, it's all about the accessories! This is Jon's dude... muscles, facial hair, enhanced accessories... and he says I'm "over-the-top." Give me a break!
The one thing I love, is the treat we always have on Family Night, but during the summer it was a lot easier to give them sweets because they didn't go to bed as early. Trying to put my kids to bed after this.... is something else! This is the skillet cookie- made famous to us by the Faireys. This year Monica gave me the small skillets so we could make them at home... They are sooooooo good!
I had the day off today and spent a lot of time looking at other peoples blogs. I ran across one that has some great free downloads for digital scrapbooking- check it out- I read a little further back and learned about health problems with her little baby, and a best friend of hers little baby. I sat and cried as I read it. No matter how bad the day with my little Ali, I love her so much, and I am so grateful she is healthy and safe. Life is so fragile, and seems to be getting more and more that way...hug your little ones today- we are all so so lucky to have them.


Just me! said...

I love it! Good work Steph!

Lucky Me said...

I love family night. Even with my little monsters. As long as we keep it super short it is great. I would love to get that pattern and any other cute stuff you have. I'm all for more activity, less lesson.

Michele and Wyatt said...

Looks like you had a great FHE.

Jared-n-Cindi said...

Awesome idea Steph! We have gotten out of the habit of having a real lesson over the holidays ;). Thanks for the helping me with desire to start up again!

Jamie said...

hey i have those skillets!!!!

Bonnie Tucker said...

Stephanie: I love your blog. Your idea for FHE was really cute. Where did you get those cute armour guys. I'd love the grandkids to do that. Also I loved the idea of the skillits. It's so fun to get to know your family by this blog. I feel we have missed out with our connections with your family over the years and I'm so grateful to be able to once again get acquainted. You have a darling family.