Sunday, February 22, 2009

"I will be quiet on the bus"

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day about all the things I should have taken pictures of for my blog...but some things can't be forgotten, even if you don't have a picture. Like last week, Gage came home from school totally upset cause he had gotten in trouble on the bus...again. He was told he could no longer sit by his best friend in the whole world- and he was devestated. The next day though, the punishment was lifted, and they were able to sit together again but only if they would be good. I think it was OK for maybe a day, and then on Thursday after I got home from work I asked Gage how his day had gone and he said it was good, except that he was supposed to write "I will be quiet on the bus" 20 times and take it to the bus driver the next day. I made him sit down and write until he was finished, but I wish so badly that I had taken a picture! I don't know if it will help, but I think it got through at least for the day.
The kids have done nothing but torture eachother lately, and I am clueless as to what to do. Do they make another wonder drug that's natural and makes them get along? Could it be that easy? I know it's not, but I so wish they liked eachother better. They could have so much fun if they would get along. Geez, I think I remember my mom saying the same thing to me a time or two!
I know it's supposed to be an awful economy and people are losing their jobs and everything- but work has kept me really busy lately. I am so fortunate to have my job, even though I wouldn't work at all if I had the chance to stay home. (I could do it too, cause they DO make a pill for helping crazy...) but with so many people unable to make ends meet, Jon and I are in a good place, and thanking the Lord every day. They actually sent around a sign-up sheet from our Stake Presidency at church today, for all those who may need assistance...I couldn't believe it.
Needless to say, I am getting spring fever somethin' awful right now. With the weather being so nice, I have been able to send the kids outside and they'll play for hours. Of course they come home looking like the swamp thing covered in mud, but a little clean up is better then a lot of bordum. Here's to another week! Hope you are all doing well out there!


The Durham Family said...

Sorry about the bus! - I hear you about kids driving you crazy! It is so hard though - I feel like I want to keep them close as long as I can - but then they are just driving me and each other crazy! Thanks for the cookies - I would get your recipe - but then my family might actually expect ME to make cookies - NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

I so wish you would have taken a picture of the page of "I will be quiet on the bus". I would have loved to have seen how cute it was after 20 times! What a good boy. I just love that kid! Just remember...this too shall give us experience. Love you!

I rode the bus my entire elementary and jr. high school career and I don't ever recall it being quiet. I do remember some pretty good fights, a few bloody noses and learning a whole new vocabulary that my mother washed my mouth out for a couple of times but nope, don't remember quiet.

Joey said...
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Joey said...

Sorry Stephanie, the above comment came up anonymous because I hit the wrong buttons AGAIN! I don't want you to think there is a blog stalker out there saying Love you to you...(yes I deleted one too I'm an Idiot)!