Friday, March 27, 2009

A Long Week...

Do you ever have those weeks where it feels like it will never end? Just getting through one day is a miracle? Yeah, me too. So I was thrilled today to leave work, knowing that I would be able to stay up late tonight, and sleep in tomorrow. Well, it's barely 9pm and I'm ready to go to bed. The kids are still up, and I am wasted!

So, it's the annual tent sale at Western Living. To all y'all not here in Vernal, that's furniture store talk for GARAGE SALE. I understand wanting to get a good deal, and I love it when I do! But some of the people I had to deal with today made me want to scream! And it seemed like the worst ones just couldn't get enough! They kept coming back! I was on my feet most of the day, and even though we were busy, it seemed like the day kept going and going.

About those deals though...while my dining table was being pushed and shoved into storage, it suffered some minor scuffs. Today, they brought one from our warehouse that is exactly the same table right out of the box. I replaced my table for 200 dollars! And then I found an end table for my "pretty" room for 50 dollars! And believe me people, those are some good deals, I have very expensive taste and can sniff out the most pricey thing anywhere. I'm totally excited for my finds and would suggest everyone goes tomorrow to check out what's left! You never know!

For me, I'm going to hide out in the confines of my humble home as long as I can. I promised to take Gage to the movie to celebrate his birthday, but other than that, I'm claiming hermit. Sounds good eh?


Kandice said...

I was thinking the same thing last night....what a long rotten week.
I sure wish they had the perfect sectional on clearance for me....yeah right, I have expensive taste too.
Hope you have a nice day, and a super good week next week!~

Sky n' Cam said...

Oh Sister, I think you should have come down to Springville to recover from that week of yours.