Friday, March 13, 2009

Ali's owie-

Poor, poor Ali. I got a call from my wonderful friend Monica today saying that while Ali was over playing at her house, she injured herself on the trampoline. I didn't even worry about it cause Mon said she was back outside playing, and that she only complained about it here and there, really she just wanted to make sure it was OK to give her some Tylenol to help the swelling. Ali is fearless, not only that, but her lack of all common sense requires her to learn all things the hard way. She wouldn't let me touch it or look at it at all tonight, afraid I'd make her stay in the house, so after she went to bed, I took a picture... aw. One more lesson learned. Hopefully.


Joey said...

Oh boy, she could have a hard time getting her shoe on this morning. We may want to take her in and have them x-ray it just to make sure it isn't broken. It looks pretty swollen. Poor thing. I hope she can still go tonight and have fun...she will be hobbeling for sure!

Ethington Family said...

Hey happy birthday! I was actually wondering if you would do me a favor. You use to have a quote on your blog from Sister Hinkley about how you have two choices, laugh or cry and crying gives me a headache. Can I get the real quote for that. I love it. Thanks! Hope your day has been a great one!

Lucky Me said...

Poor little Ali. I just wanted to say happy birthday. I thought of you a number of times today but just now slowed down enough to let you know. I hope you had a great day!!!