Tuesday, May 5, 2009

99th Percentile!

Every Monday the kids bring home a folder from school with any information their teacher feels is necessary for parents to see. Last year we'd get homework assignments, notes regarding Gage's inability to keep his hands and legs to himself, and reading assignments for mom... this year I get a behavior report, notes from the administration, and work Gage has completed at school. This morning I was going through the papers out of Gage's folder and came across a tiny slip of paper from Gage's teacher. Automatically assuming the worst, I looked sideways at my son and asked him what it was. He looked puzzled and said he didn't know, so I proceeded to read:

"We have finished our NWEA testing for reading (math is next) and I wanted to share your child's results with you. The national average score fro the reading test at the end of first grade is 173. Gage's score was 195 which puts him in the 99th percentile (50th is average). His fall score was 157 which meant that a typical amount of growth is 15 points, which became his goal. His spring score was 195 which means he scored 23 points more growth than is typical! Congratualtions Gage for meeting and exceeding your goal!"

PROUD MOMMY? I'd say! Not bad for a kid who calls other kids "jerk" and tells them to shut up, right? Not to mention his homicidal tendencies towards other children on the playground... I guess with all my imperfect parenting, he still had enough in him to excel at something! I'm so excited that he's doing so well!

Now, if we don't regress in math- I'll be very impressed.


Michele and Wyatt said...

You should be a proud mommy. That's awesome! Way to go Gage!

The Holdaway Family said...

Yea, for Gage! You are doing it right!...any tips?

Joey said...

Yea, he truly does take after his grandma Joey!!!hehe...WAY TO GO GAGE!!!

Isn't it funny how we all want to take credit for something when it is good! His homicidal tendencies are attributes inherited from his fathers side of the family I'm SURE!