Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Fun Night!

One of my favorite summer pictures, kids with watermelon!
OK. I honestly didn't know how on earth this activity could go off without a hitch. When the Elders Quorum announced it in Relief Society, I think all of us women were a little skeptical. There was no clipboard with sign ups for potluck, and it didn't seem like things were very organized. I think he told us at one point, "if every family brings a bag of chips, then it'll be chip night, if every family brings a salad, it'll be salad night...we really don't care!" At that point I was thinking...well then, this should be interesting!
It all worked out though, and incredibly well! There were so many different kinds of food! There were dutch ovens full of BBQ chicken, awesome beans, salsa, and yummy desserts. I was pleasantly surprised! After dinner was the "pie" eating contest, and the kids were totally excited. They had so much fun, but Gage did not want to get his face covered in pudding...while Ali dug right in. Above is the picture before Ali cleaned her face, and below is the picture after...needless to say, I had to hose her down to get it all off! She got a little upset when it went up her nose!

Next was the 3-legged race. Gage didn't do too well, but he sure had fun. I didn't get to see too much of what he was doing cause Jon was making me laugh so hard I had to watch him!
This is Jon and Ali at the starting line, Jon had already started talking trash! Those poor girls never had a chance! Look at their little faces wondering what in the heck was going to happen to them!
After that, there was a gunny-sack race...needless to say it was hilarious. They had all the males over 20 race, then the girls over 20... and went down in age groups from there, holy cow! I've never seen such competitors! Audra Frew, Erin Ray, Christy Davis and Anjenette Goodrich
Two of my favorite friends, Audra Frew (orange) and Valerie Bolton. I love these girls! Thanks for the giggle! I needed a good laugh! I'm just sorry it was at your expense!

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The Durham Family said...

I am SO SAD I MISSED THIS!!!! I didn't know about it until it was over! That is what I guess for missing that day of church! Speaking of which - I missed you guys today? Are you sick? Are you okay?