Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer at last!

I can't believe how long it's taken to get some summer round here! I was so glad to hear the air conditioner kick on the other day! So begins a summer of going to the lake every chance we get. We went Wednesday afternoon- after Jon got off work- up to Steinaker with our friends the Frews. It was so nice just to get out and hang out with some fun friends! Jon and Justin took the ski's out and got wet, but Lori and I were fine to hang out on the beach watching the kids build castles. I love getting out on the water, but having good company on land is just as fun as far as I'm concerned. We're glad we have good friends willing to go at the spur of the moment!


The Van Komen's said...

Holy Crap is that the elusive Frews?! Looks like a ton of fun!!

Julie Johnson said...

I think your right Melissa. Good thing someone takes pictures of them:)

The Frewbys said...

Thanks for inviting us!! It was a blast we have to do it again soon!!