Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dirty Diva

Look at all the dirt on this girl! I can't believe how dirty she can get!

How does my daughter spend her last day of summer?

1. Pry her from her bed. We had to take Gage to school today so we could drop off her immunization record- I procrastinated-

2. Begs to wear a dress. WILL NOT CONSIDER ANYTHING ELSE!

3. After dropping Gage off at school, we head to 7-11 for an egg roll. Her favorite.

4. Off to Wal-Mart for groceri's... and bubble gum.

5. Once home, she heads straight for Rylee's. On the way, she sees Rylee walking her Yorkie, named her pajamas.

6. They play for a while and I'm able to cook all the food I need to for food group. They found their way inside when I didn't see them and they proceed to dress up in all of Ali's clothes and destroy Ali's room in the process. My favorite thing about girls.

7. We go to lunch with Grandma Anah. We went to the chinese buffet so Ali could eat as much ice cream as she wanted...she did a bang up job!

8. More girly girl play with Rylee. They play house, swing on the hammock, talk about their "boyfriends."

9. Rylee goes to her grandmas and Ali decides to ride her bike. Since the boys were the only ones out there, my girly girl transforms into the "Dirty Diva." I love this side of her. She had so much fun!

I guess it's OK to have a girly girl when she can turn it on and off like that. She's so sure of herself and so amazing! I can't believe she starts school tomorrow! I hope her last day of summer was as good as it sounds!

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Joey said...

Oh, I can't believe little Ali is going to school...What will you do? She will LOVE it. She was ready last year...