Sunday, November 22, 2009

What am I Thankful For?

A few weeks ago in Relief Society one of my friends was giving the lesson and handed out a 3x5 card to everyone there. She asked us to write down our most cherished blessing and turn it over. That was easy for me, I generalized and put "Family" on my card, as did everyone around me. Her lesson was on gratitude, and once it was closing, she asked us if any of us would like to change our answer, and every single one of us said yes. So, what it my most cherished blessing?

It's the Savior, Jesus Christ. I know, I normally don't get too spiritual in my posts, but I thought this was so important, and I think it's good for you all to know that I am a spiritual person. Without my Savior, nothing else would be possible. There would be no world, let alone family. If your most cherished blessing is the knowledge you have that our older brother is the Savior Jesus Christ, than everything else just seems to fit into place.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I'd be sorry if I didn't say how grateful I am for Him, and for the path he's given me to follow. I have a beautiful family, a warm home, a full fridge, and clean clothes to wear. Despite the hard times, I am married to a wonderful man who shares my beliefs and loves our children dearly. I'm also very grateful for my talents. I love the opportunities I get to share them.

I grew up with a knowledge of the Gospel. I went to church - sometimes under extreme force - but I went, and I learned to love it. Since I've been a teacher in Relief Society I've learned so many things about our prophet Joseph Smith and my testimony of him has flourished in the past year. I am so grateful for what my ancestors did to get me where I am today.

I'm grateful for Motherhood. It's so not easy. Everyday presents itself with a whole new set of problems- and working through them makes me stronger and smarter - whether I want to be or not! I now know dental terminology where Ali is concerned and I've learned a great deal of medical mumbo jumbo going through the many ailments of Gage. There will come a time when they don't need their mom so much anymore, and I want to savor the time I have now to be there for them on a whim.

I'm grateful for a wonderful family. For my Mom and Dad, my darling- sometimes dramatic- little "Sissy" and for the three little brothers I spent my childhood tormenting and bossing around. They are some of the best guys I know. I wouldn't be me without them! And for Jon's family- they have truly been such a blessing in our lives. It's so much fun to be a part of someone and just automatically "get" their family too!

I could go on and on. There are too many blessings to count- but it's late, and I have to work tomorrow, (yet another blessing disguised as a curse) so I'll finish with a big fat


Joey said...

Steph, I love you! You have so much of your grandma Sharon in you that I often have to laugh. Thanks for keeping it real and reminding me of what really is important! YOU are "remarkable"!

Bonnie Tucker said...

I love to read your blog. Someday I will learn how to do mine and then you can learn about our family. But it is fun to learn more about your family and hopefully one day we will meet.