Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Mom,

I've been thinking of you a lot today. Last week when my friends husband was killed, I couldn't help but tell you all about it. I told you about the accident, and your amazing compassion for someone you don't even know came through- and I remembered why...

I know today was a hard day for you. I can't imagine losing any one of my brothers in such a way that we lost Uncle Bruce. I can't help but cry when I think of what he left behind- and how sad you've been since he's been gone. I hope time has helped to dull the pain, but I know it hasn't. I miss him too, so much. Life isn't fair, and sometimes things happen that in a round-about way put our own lives into perspective. If only these things weren't so permanent.

Uncle Bruce and Grandma Sharon are waiting patiently to see us all again. I know that in my heart and soul. What a reunion that will be, complete with Grandma's laugh-while-she-talks-till-her-eyes-water, and Bruce's Donald Duck impression that he used on adults as well as children to get a giggle. It never failed! He'll be wearing his jeans and a tucked in polo shirt with tennis shoes and she'll have her nails perfectly manicured and her red hair perfectly placed as always. I almost can't wait.

Miss you Uncle Bruce.

Miss you too Grandma.

Mom, I love you.


Joey said...

Thanks Stephanie, I keep hoping that May 12th will get easier but, it doesn't. Work was busy but the minute it slowed I would find myself looking at the clock or out he windows at the rain and wishing...I called dad. He always makes me feel better but, I know he struggles also. Thanks for thinking of me and writing such nice things. I love you!

Sky n' Cam said...

white tennis shoes... haha- that brought him back fresh in my mind. Dang I miss him, I think about him every day and how things would be if he were here- different? the same? One thing is for sure- they would be a lot easier!