Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Babies and Not...

I was really hoping to have a picture of my new niece on here too! But how exciting is this? Three out of four so far... a while ago I noticed that one of the eggs looked like it had a little crack in it. The mommy robin kept at it though, and we may still see the 4th hatch in the next couple days.

Cambria is in labor also! The only thing is, she may be in labor for a while! The poor thing went to the hospital when her contractions were about 5 minutes apart and they sent her home with some pain medication and told her to come back if they didn't stop or got worse! I'm so glad I never got sent home! How disheartening! Good luck Cam...I can't wait!

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Joey said...

They are so cute in an ugly sort of way! I am sure that in a couple of days they will actually look like cute little birds but right now I wanna say "what IS that! SICK!