Sunday, May 16, 2010


Thank goodness it's SUNNY! We've been waiting and waiting for good weather up here in Vernal. It's cold, rainy and even snowy, totally invading our spring this year! When the sun came out this morning we hit the road and started the Sunday ritual- this time to the Ouray Wildlife Preserve between here and Roosevelt. It's huge! There were quite a few birds, but the scenery was the best part. It was beautiful! Here are some pictures of some of the things we saw.

It's so much prettier when the sun is out!


Michele and Wyatt said...

I''m grateful for the sun too. Now if we can just make it stay.

Joey said...

Love the pictures of the cranes! Well, I love all the pictures! I want to ride my mt. bike on those hills!!! What fun that slick rock would be. Ive heard that Vernal is the new Moab. Great pics Stephanie.