Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun on the Fourth

We had a great Fourth of July with plenty going on! I don't remember being so tired EVER! So tired, that even when I wanted to sleep, I couldn't cause I was too tired to sleep! We played at the lake all day on Saturday, went up to "Grandma's Mountain" on Sunday and had a BBQ at our house that night before we went to the fireworks at the park, and then we went to the parade on Monday! The rest of Monday was mostly uneventful...I did get to see Eclipse, at the expense of missing a tournament game with my softball team. We play again tonight for the championship after winning 3 in a row last night! It's been a busy week- plus I'm working an extra day for the other sales rep who is on vacation...I day shouldn't be so bad, right? IT TOTALLY IS! It's so much harder! And Jon leaves Friday to go to a race at Miller Sports Park so I'm on my own all weekend! It could be a long one!
Here's some pictures of the fun we've had! Hope you had a great Fourth too!


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Joey said...

So cute Steph! Looks like you had a great time. I know what you mean about working an extra day, it really makes a difference...I hate it! Maybe Jon will find a job at Miller's while he is there this weekend!!!