Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pitty Party...

Sometimes I think it would be so much easier just to move away and start over! Jon went out to the race at Miller Sports Park in Tooele last weekend while his brother David was still in town. They obviously had a lot of fun...
But he also discovered Stansbury Park, and I'm telling you now, if there were a job opportunity near there, we'd be moving!  It's a community where all the homes have a backyard lake- Jon's dream!

Why is it that some things go on around me and don't affect me at all, but other things happen and I get my feelings hurt? Stupid things too! I can honestly say, I've had a humbling in the last few weeks- and it's not fun. We actually talked about humility in the lesson I gave the teenagers last Sunday, and I started realizing there are a lot of things going on to teach me that lesson as well.

Can you believe my blog? GONE! I don't know what button I pushed, but all my sidebar pictures and links are totally gone. I wouldn't be as upset, except that when my computer crashed last month, I lost those pictures and can't put them back up. At the time it wasn't a big deal, but now that I can't get them back on here?

I guess I'm not playing co-ed softball this season. At one point I was invited to play, but the season already started and I haven't heard anything about it. I hate feeling like I wasn't good enough- that's where the pitty party comes in- but I do. Not just that though, I had gotten Jon excited to play with us, and I was really looking forward to doing this together! Oh well, there's always next year, right?

I took engagement pictures for a friend of mine the other day and when I went to see their announcement in the paper, I realized it wasn't one of the pictures I had taken. I was heartbroken! I loved some of the pictures I had taken, but I guess they hadn't. I wish someone would have told me though, instead of getting blind-sided. Now, no matter how hard I try to make things normal, it'll always be awkward around this friend.

So, getting that out makes me feel a little better-  I'll be working on my blog to get as much of it back as I can... hopefully it's not a total loss!  Wish me luck!

***Update*** so, I got the sidebars back, but what the heck?  This is the ugliest thing ever and it won't let me customize it?  Does anyone know what's going on with blogger?


Joey said...

Wow, some people are just too classy! Blow it off and remember you just can't please everyone especially when there are people out there that are willing to undermine even their people that are trying the hardest to do good...Just remember, what goes around comes around...eventually :) Love you!

Eric and Elizabeth said...

I have had not just days but weeks like yours. Just remember I think you are dang talented. I wouldn't have taken card class from you for 3 years if I didn't love your amazing eye for design. Good luck with your blog! I also love the way you take pictures. You are good at anything you do.