Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a funny little girl I have. I can make her the cutest little thing on two legs, dress her all up, do her hair just so...and it doesn't matter one bit. I love the imagination this girl has! She and the neighbor are always thinking up zany little things to keep them busy. It was just funny that they were all black, and all white. Kinda typical that Ali would be the dark one! What would I do without our little girl? I'd definitely laugh a lot less!



Caldwell Family 5 said...

She's so cute! I get a kick out of the things that kids think up to do. I love listening in when they are playing, they imagine up some pretty funny things! The kids had a blast playing the last weekend, Cole loves playing with someone older! Glad you came down! LoR

Joey said...

Ali has it all figured out! Black is very flattering...good for her! Look at those cute legs and the "spirit hands!~!~!~! It reminds me of the plays that NANCE, CHRIS, DEB, MITZ and I used to put on when we were little...Chris was always the princess and I, the prince of coarse!