Monday, August 16, 2010

Whose got spirit?

I can't take credit for this one, my husband had the camera!
Another camping trip? I know what you're thinking...this is the girl that thinks camping is going to her parents cabin? The girl that thinks the only thing you can cook on a fire is a marshmallow? YUP...that's the girl. I actually had to work on Saturday, so Jon went up early to set up the new tent, blow up the new air mattress and start a roaring fire for when I got there with Monica and her was great! We hiked to Tamarack lake the next morning, it was amazing and the kids did an awesome job keeping up. We saw another lily pad pond and hiked enough to wear us all out! Here's the proof:
This is my least favorite part about camping...the view is almost as bad as the smell.



Caldwell Family 5 said...

It took me a sec to figure out the walmart bag pic. The squirrel! How cute. Well, if we lived closer I would be your camping buddy. And thank you for the picture of the loo. My day has now been much approved upon!
: ) LoR

Joey said...

I love that you go somewhere every weekend...Now that school is starting you will have all the summer memories to look back and and be so happy that you spent the time making! Love your pictures. I thought that lily pad ponds had pink flowers. Where did that come from? I am sure I would remember yellow since that is my FAVORITE color!!!