Friday, September 3, 2010

Heaven Help Me!

I know, it sounds like I am always complaining about motherhood, and I hope you all know that I LOVE being a mother.  I love to find the funny in anything, and I've found that being a mom has more than it's fair share of opportuninties for that.  The latest has had me laughing at random moments since yesterday when I got a call from Ali's teacher.  I know I probably should be taking it more seriously, at least that's the impression I got from her teacher, but come on!  OK, here's the conversation:
Ali's teacher: "Mrs. Tucker?"
Me: "um, yeah?"  ew, I hate being called that...
Ali's teacher: "We sent home the behavior expectations yesterday that you signed and sent back today, and on it, it explains how we work through bad behavior in our classroom."
Me: "I know, I read it, believe it or not." (said sarcastically, as if I'm the only mom that actually DID read the 3 page paper she sent home.)
Ali's teacher:  "Yes, well, Ali was in 'red' today after being told 3 times to quit talking.  Also, during art, she was using her glue stick as lip gloss."
Me: "hmmm.  sounds like she was being proactive, fixing the problem by gluing her lips shut, don't you think?"
Ali's teacher: "Not exactly Mrs. Tucker.  This is something we need to work through together, and I need you to talk to her and let her know it's not acceptable behavior."
Me: "um, OK.  I'll make sure to talk to her tonight... thank you for the heads up..."
Ali's teacher:  "And thank you..."

Am I the only one here who thinks maybe this teacher is already ready for a DAY OFF?  How do you not laugh at the noisy girl gluing her lips together?  I don't think I could keep from laughing if I were her, but apparently that is NOT acceptable.  BUT THERE'S MORE!!!  When I talked to Ali, I didn't act amused at all.  I told her I had better NEVER hear from her teacher again, and she said:
"BUT MOM!  WE ONLY GET 3 CHANCES!!!"  Try to keep from laughing at that the next time your naughty daughter says that to you! I'm laughing myself into a lot of gray hair!



Dave & Ashley Fairey said...

OH my heavens I am laughing to the point of tears!! Only your daughter Steph... but you were right, she was being proactive. LOL!! Thanks for the laugh girl!

Caldwell Family 5 said...

Ya, I don't see what the big deal is! hehehehe This is hilarious, sounds like teacher is a little cranky, really how could you not laugh?

Joey said...

Wow, I think that teacher has been teaching little kids too long, she has lost her "funny"! I hope for her sake that she is a really OLD teacher and not just starting because that would just be sad...Ali is SO funny. I can't wait to see what else she come up with this year!!! Never a dull moment that for sure!

Kayla said...

bahahahahah good ol' Ali!

Cambria said...


Gluing her lips shut? I remember when Nelson Boyer did that with crazy glue... hmmmm maybe THAT could solve the problem... Tell her teacher to give her crazy glue next time, teach her a quick lesson! sad