Saturday, January 1, 2011


I know, I know...everyone is cold right now. It's definitely winter! But...are you all dealing with negatives all day long? It didn't get above 0 today! Happy New Year, right? I have to say, I don't mind- cause I don't have to be outside in it, but my poor husband goes back to work on Monday and I know he's not looking forward to it. On the contrary- Jon's brother David goes back to the East on Monday, and since it's actually WAY warmer there, I don't think he's too sad about leaving!

We spent our New Years Eve here at home. David bought a Turkey Fryer and deep fried a turkey for us- he injected it with Louisiana Hot Sauce and covered it in Cayenne pepper. It was fabulous. I made jalapeno poppers and spinach and artichoke dip, Anah brought us her very best batch of potato salad (a family recipe that only she has perfected!) and Monica brought yams. I know what your thinking...yams? YES!!! YAMS!!! And you haven't had yams till you've had these. They were the show stopper!

I will post recipes on Maple and can get there from the link on the right. It'll take me a couple days to get them on there, but I for now, I need to go to bed- church is at 9 tomorrow! YAY!



Joey said...

Yum! Sounds like you had a great time ringing in the new year with good food family and friends!

Have fun with that 9:00 block time...It really is worth it at about 12:00 :)

The Holdaway Family said...

Sound like you had some great food! I love yams!

0???? I am so ready for summer!

Cambria said...

It's warmer here in Utah County... or at least we can pretend...

come to Springville

Caldwell Family 5 said...

Ya, the cold is not doing my soul good! I usually don't get annoyed until Feb. Guess I better get over it, and quick. Wish you could have stuck around longer for Christmas! My kiddos were bummed. Me too, but ya' know...they really dig the cousins! LoR

Bonnie Tucker said...

How is David? We never hear how he is or what he is doing. I would love to know how he is.