Sunday, February 27, 2011


In all honesty- this month hasn't been all bad. I love Valentines day- I have a romantic of a husband and he always amazes me. It's the shortest month- so even if it's not the best, you don't have to endure it as long! And, I tend to make more money in February because of the big Presidents Day Sale at work. All things considered, I should be enjoying February, right? I am trying...but I can tell you now- I don't like winter. It's all I can do not to lose it completely. I hate the cold weather right now, and the ugly DIRTY snow. Living in a community that prides itself on their diesel trucks, and with the amount of oil trucks and semi's driving through town it's amazing that the snow even starts out white. It's a murky black mess right now, and it makes everything look dirty. I am suffering from a severe lack of vitamin D, and I haven't felt like the best mom in the world lately.

I thought I'd leave the kids home on "early-out" day cause I didn't have a babysitter. I've done it before and they've done well- but that wasn't the case this time. They called when they got home from school and I should have known something was going to happen when the first question out of either of their mouths was, "so, am I in charge?" I told them they were in charge of each other, and not to let either one of them make any bad decisions. Not even an hour later, I was getting a phone call from a very scared Gage with a hysterical Ali in the background screaming her lungs out. She was hanging from the laundry chute and was afraid to let go. I can understand, since the "chute" is really just a hole in the ceiling of my laundry room- a minor 9 foot drop to the tile floor below. We do have a little "slide" made of tin to guide the clothes into the laundry basket on top of the dryer, but it could in no way support a child! So- being 10 minutes away, I couldn't just run home. I had to call my neighbor to run over and make sure she was OK. She did fall, right into the laundry basket- but gave herself a huge bruise on her leg and some nice blisters on her hands! I think she learned her lesson. She wanted to show Gage she was "brave." I think she showed us all she was something, but not brave. I HATE that I'm not home for them after school. I hate leaving them alone at all, and while I know it's not bad or wrong, I still wish I could be around more.

But, enough of my attitude. March starts on Tuesday! It's the month of my birthday, so I thought it only fitting to start a blog challenge my friend was doing on her blog. EVERY DAY of March I'll have a new post...about ME!!! I'm sure it will encompass more than that...but here's to a new month- and making it better than this one, black snow and all!


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Joey said...

I LOVE winter! You just have to move here and I will teach you how to ski then you would love winter too.

Looking forward to your March posts. Should be VERY interesting...