Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 12- Why Blogger?

I've always kept a journal. For the past seven years I've kept two- one about me and one that's written to my children. I love writing, and a lot of the daily frustration can be taken care of just by writing it down. Blogging is another outlet- one I can do with as many pictures as I want! I love blogging, but I love more that other people do, friends I might not otherwise get to keep up with. I've been so lucky to keep in touch with so many people just through the internet.

I found out about Blogger from my sister-in-law Loreli. She had a cute little spot in cyberspace and I decided I wanted my own spot too. It didn't take long before I learned how to change my background and where to find cute ones other people had made- and now, I'm able to make my own, my own headers...and a few others...

I think my blog has replaced scrapbooking, unfortunate, but true. I still love to get my hands on a project here and there, but feel like I accomplish so much more by blogging. I love our little slice of cyberspace!


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