Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 6- Your 5 Favorite TV Shows...

I'm really not a big fan of TV. I rarely take the time for it in the summer, there are so many things I'd rather be doing- but this time of year, there is less of a draw to the great outdoors- and some pretty good mindless entertainment going on indoors. I miss the days of Friends- when sitcoms were 30 minutes and loaded with humor worth repeating. There aren't many shows that keep me coming back for more, and not so many noteworthy one liners where reality TV is concerned- but the shows I take time out for are:
#1 The Bachelor, so ridiculous I know, but it keeps a great conversation going for the rest of the week!

#2 Survivor- It's amazing how you can watch the same thing season after season, only changing the characters, and not get bored!

#3 American Idol- I love the talent!

#4 Ghost Whisperer- I only started watching this cause they took Gilmore Girls reruns off the air. I got hooked! It's usually on during the day for noise.

#5 Grey's Anatomy- I love it. Smut, I know, but I love it.

There are other shows I like and check out here and there, but not many. I love the older shows that I only have on DVD now- Gilmore Girls will always be a favorite, Friends... I love to watch House, but I never remember to record it- it's on during the Bachelor...priorities!



Cambria said...

Friend, Gilmore Girls... classics... the best classics ever

* Gar * Lis * Charly * said...

Good Picks! And I totally agree about the friends thing...they just don't come like that anymore