Thursday, May 5, 2011

12 Hours Later...

Of all the people in this bedroom that should be "sawing logs" it's me. But- NOOOOO, Jon is sleeping SOUNDLY in the bed while I sit here being serenaded by his nose. It's not that bad, I've heard so much worse... but needless to say, it's keeping me from being able to fall asleep.

It's also hard cause I just got home from work an hour ago. We had another "big sale" today, and had to be in at 10 this morning...I don't know that I was prepared to be there till 10 tonight, but it did go by rather quickly, and we were pretty successful! 12 hours is a LONG workday by any means, and I should be feeling it tonight, but I'm having a hard time falling asleep.

It has been an eventful week! Last Saturday Jon's mom, my sisters-in-law and I all traveled to Park City to meet Jon's cousins and Aunt (I had never met) for lunch. It was such a fun time...trying to pack all those years of catching up into one afternoon was impossible though, and I can't wait to get to know these absolutely hilarious and amazing women even better! We had so much fun, and spent our lunch gabbing so much that we were just leaving when the dinner rush was starting! They are all from Oregon, which gives me yet another excuse to go back to visit my second favorite state! (Hawaii is the first...did you really think it was Utah?)

Ali got my cold, and has fought through it like the trooper she's always been. We were talking the other day about how much easier she's been lately, and it's true! Though I don't have as many funny stories to tell, life is much easier when Ali is sweet. I love the little heathen either way, but it has been nice to take it easy! Monday, Duane and Gerry came to town to visit. Duane stayed at our house and we had a great time catching up! I'm glad I didn't drive him nuts- we spent the whole day together on Tuesday- Jon was at work! It was so fun to see them- and if you're reading this either one of you- You guys made the kids day! They have both been so entertained! Thank you for being so generous! It makes my day to see them so happy!

Besides working four days at Western Living this week, I have 4 photo shoots to edit and 3 more scheduled to take. It's so nice that people think of me for these things, and I couldn't be happier! I have set a goal with photography though, never to make a client wait more than a week for photo's- unless it's a wedding, in which case I need some extra time! I'll be editing a lot in the next couple days! (These are a few pics from the sessions I'm currently working on...)

I'm feeling my eye lids getting heavy, now might be a good time to crawl back into bed and roll Jon over...night!


Joey said...

Sorry about the no sleep for the weary thing. I sure do know how that is...I am glad that you had such a great week with your in-laws. Family is SO important.

12 hour days are not the greatest UNLESS you are being paid by the hour...I think I would be having a talk with your boss, seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me and that's coming from one who KNOWS! I am glad that Ali is giving you a break right now. I hope that she keeps it up. Not that I don't LOVE hearing about her antics, I just thing that you need a rest!

J, K, E, C & C Hadley said...

I am having the same lack of sleep myself for the same reason....smothering with a pillow has crossed my

Heidi said...

I hope you get some sleep!! It was great to see you guys last saturday. I feel like I know you just from facebook and your blog.
You will have to come visit Oregon and next time we come to Utah we will have to get together again. I hope you have a WONDERFUL mothers day.