Saturday, June 25, 2011

How does MY garden GROW!

There are so many blossoms on the 2 plants I bought this year- and look!  Little zucchini already!  They aren't much bigger than 2 inches or so, but there are tons already!  Hope the neighbors are ready!
 All right...I cheated a little. I tried the seed thing last year, and the plants were pretty good, though the tomatoes could have been a lot better. I decided this year to buy the plants from the nursery, and I've decided I'll do it that way, at least for tomatoes, from now on. I already have zucchini and tomatoes!
And the flowers!  They look so good and it's just starting!  My summer flowers are all white and yellow- I didn't try to do it that way, and I really want to add some color, but they are so pretty- I don't know if I want to move stuff around to fit more color!  I'll take more pictures when they fill in more, but I'm so excited with how pretty they are!


The Holdaway Family said...

Everything looks so wonderful! We always cheat and buy tomato plants, they are so worth it!

Joey said...

Why would you try to grow your garden from seed when someone else does it for you? The growing season just isn't that long anymore we have to get all we can out of the few short months we have. I say buy it all and enjoy the harvest! Lookin good Steph!