Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Winter goes by so slowly here!  Vernal is so much more fun (bearable) in the summer time!  I miss the sun, not just for it's warmth, but I miss the pretty warm light and the green!  I want to take some prettier pictures- of my kids and my family- I'm still not taking much of others right now- still don't know for sure if I will continue to do it, BUT I really miss summer!
We took advantage of our family pass to the rec center the other day- geez- I pay monthly for that thing, you'd think I could get there more often!  The kids had fun though- playing in the pool- I did a little exercising and watched them for a little while- without getting in the pool myself!
I did get to take pictures of my bff's new GRAND baby!  I can't believe Barb is old enough to be a grandma!  It's fun to have a baby to love on!  We only got a few pictures yesterday- so I'll have to go back and try for a few more-

Newborn pictures are NOT easy!  I love doing them cause you can't take a bad picture of a baby- but getting them to sleep, keeping them asleep, feeding them, posing them against their will- sometimes it takes FOR-E-VER... but again- I love doing newborn pictures!



Joey said...

That rec. center looks awesome! I am glad that you have that out there in that bowl of frozen winter! Sometimes I listen to the weather report and seriously wonder why people live there...This coming from a gal who spends her days off on mountains with slats bound to her feet and wind chills of minus 30-40 degrees...We are all a bit insane!

Love your baby pics. The color is beautiful.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't been blogging much. My blog is SO messed up. Perhaps when you get a few min. or HOURS, you could help a sista out so that I could once again understand what I am doing...?

Caldwell Family 6 said...

I guess these are the joys of living in this climate. But the other three seasons aren't bad! See, there is something nice about Vernal, we don't have a rec center like that! I would love to be able to take my kids to the pool! LoR