Friday, April 6, 2012


So, where have I been? I can't believe I'm actually saying it, but I haven't blogged cause I ran out of OREOS!!! I have to change my 100th year of Oreo thing... instead of EVERY picture having an Oreo in it, I'll take 100 Oreo photos over the next year, and then I don't forgo blogging awesome things because I don't have an Oreo on me! Now- besides that, it's been an extremely rough couple of weeks, and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel finally!

I've never had great teeth. They are white- and I DO take care of them, but no matter what I do- I've had problems since childhood. Plus- I don't have dental insurance, and I put myself on the back burner with all of the stuff my kids have been needing. Not good. I ended up in the ER because of a tooth ache! I can't believe the ordeal! I have had 3 teeth go bad in the last two weeks. I will have had 3 root canals and 4 crowns by the time this is over! 2 of the root canals were unscheduled emergencies and the trip to the ER was because of the nights worth of puking myself into dehydration. I went into shock in the dental chair- the dentist said that my body had just had too much pain to deal with, and I couldn't stop shaking because of it. Eeek! I felt like I was being such a baby! But I couldn't handle it! As of now, I've had two full root canals, and I'm scheduled for the final phase of the last one on Tuesday. I still have a hole in my tooth where the last one will be finished- but I'm pretty well out of pain. I still have a soar jaw, but that won't go away- it's all messed up. Moral to the story... go to the dentist regardless of whether you "want" to pay for it or not. I could have avoided so many problems had I just had my check ups regularly!

I took the whole weekend off with plans of going to St. George for Jon's birthday. His work ended up getting in the way this time, so now we are home. I'm OK with it though, I'm enjoying my kids! We went to the dinosaur quarry today- a place I've never been in the 13 years I've lived here! It's pretty amazing!

These are Betsy's kids with mine, little Easton and cute Addy-  they are out from SLC visiting and we've had so much fun!

Daddy decided to give himself a haircut.  He showed up at his mom's house with the mohawk and I seriously thought he'd lost it... it suited him though- he should have kept it!  I know it's not his favorite hair cut, but I like the buzz!  He's the best looking guy I know, no matter what he does with his hair!

 Gage and I both had birthdays.  Mine was much much quieter than his!  He invited 3 of his besties over for a sleepover and I think they forgot about the sleep part.  They were every bit as loud as any girls I've ever heard!  Crazy boys- never mix Mountain Dew, Sugar, Video Games and ADHD.  Bad.

We've done so many things lately- I need to be better about getting them down!  I don't want to foget about them!  I love this little family of mine!


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Joey said...

I am SO glad that your mouth is getting better. Teeth are the worst when they hurt! I think that most of us have a story or two we can tell about a toothache...Maybe not quite as bad as yours but truly understand your ordeal!

Wow, you have had a busy couple of weeks. I am surprised that you got all of it done and worked too when you really don't feel that great. You are amazing. I think that I would have locked all the doors, crawled into bed and just checked out for a couple of weeks! You know, I think that an abscess is somewhat like a tumor...Therefore, you were in all actuality being treated for a tumor(s)...THAT is deserving of a 6 week re-cooperation period if you ask me, if you ask ANYONE. Your work got off easy...