Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Two-Butt Falls!"

I could not believe the weather today! At one point the thing in my car said it was 82! We picked a fabulous day to explore I guess- and lucked out with a mostly shady trail- it was BEAUTIFUL!

Years ago my friends had told me about a place called "Two-Butt Falls." I know- I learned it wasn't the correct name just the other day- and actually I think the name they told me was made up by them! Makes for a rough go when you Google "Two Butt Falls"- I don't recommend it! Come to find out it's actual name is Ely Creek Falls, and it's part of a trail that starts at the Jones Hole Fish Hatchery. In all my almost 13 years of living in Vernal, that was my first trip to the Fish Hatchery- it was pretty cool- but the drive into the actual "hole" of Jones Hole is amazing! We drove quite a while through a lot of brown and yellow dirt, only to have it open up to this amazing rock mountain and dive down into a deep...well- hole! Next time any family comes to visit- this would be a fun one to do! (Mom, that means you need to come up ONCE when I'm NOT sick!)

 So, why would they call it "Two-Butt?" I honestly don't know- cause when they explained it to me they said it was because it takes two butts at the top to plug up the waterfall and back it up for the ever famous "power-shower" that comes next- but for us- it only took one of Gage's butts! He was the perfect size to plug the stream that turned into the waterfall- and Ali got blasted more than once at the bottom! The water was frigid!
 The hike was 5.4 miles round trip- the longest my kids have ever gone- they were great too!  The scenery was awesome going up- we saw all kinds of butterflies- and elusive fish in the river that hid only from Jon and Ali- Gage and I both saw him- a lizard, 2 snakes and some pretty cool petroglyphs.  And coming back down we went a lot faster- Ali got a little worn out, and we all came home pretty pink- I don't think any of us were expecting it to be quite as warm as it was- especially in the mountains!

I have to say- I was a little surprised at how small the waterfall ended up being- but it was fun just the same.  It was so pretty! Have I over-emphasized how beautiful it was?  I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!

I have a ton of fun pictures from this trip- so scroll down for more!

Jon needed a hat...Ali's shorts were convenient!

I wish you could see the depth of the water!  It's flowing strong!


Joey said...

I would LOVE to go! Looks like a very fun hike. I have been wanting to get out for awhile now. Sounds perfect! I'd even take a snake or two...

LOVE Jon's hat. He could start a new fad...Or not...

Cute pictures of the kids!

Joey said...

I love snakes, and your kids haha... seriously your adventure posts make me think that Vernal isn't THAT bad, but then I go to your walmart and change my mind. haha

love you love the pics and love jon's hat