Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Time

I love taking pictures of my little girl! I never want her to grow up!
Jon and I and the kids spent the weekend in Springville with my family. Do you think I took ONE picture? No. The girl with the camera strapped to her face didn't get a single picture of my awesome family. Bummer. It was a great Fathers Day weekend, spent shopping, golfing and eating- and just being lazy and soaking up the time off. I was ready to get out of town- I needed it badly! Not because I don't love being home, but May was a long month, and June has dragged as well. I'm working extra to cover other people being gone, and we've been really busy. I'm grateful to be busy- but it's tiring, and making more money didn't sound as good as taking a break!

 I have to work the whole weekend this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Once this week is over, I'm praying things get back to normal again. It's just too hard with kids that need their mommy. I have LOVED having my kids home so far this summer. They are at an age right now that is so fun. We've spent a lot of time at the Rec Center, but can't wait to get to the lake, do some more family hiking, and maybe Jon will even drag me camping at some point. I love the summer!

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Joey said...

Did you even bring your camera? I don't think I even saw it! WEIRD!!! That was a fun weekend. We need to do it again soon. It is so nice that you have the rec. center there for the kids to enjoy. What ever did you do before???