Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Thing We Ever Spent Money On!

Jon threatened to sell the boat the other day cause I don't like to get in the water.  He said the reason we got it was to wake-board and water-ski and whatever else IN the water.  Hmmmmm... I thought we got the boat so I wouldn't HAVE to get in the water!  Regardless... I am having so much fun.  We've had the best time together... Gage is getting the hang of the whole wake-boarding thing, and he loves it, but the poor kid has some wicked blisters!  I've never had so much fun watching my kids have so much fun!  Ali is still trying to get the hang of being pulled by the boat.  But she LOVES the swimming part and would spend the day in the water given the chance.

We'll not be selling the boat.  Idle threats and all... 

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Joey said...

How do these kids do it??? I tried 28 times to get up on a wake board...28 times. I was so exhausted I couldn't even get back into the boat without help! A-MAZ-ING Gage!!!