Monday, November 5, 2012

Day #5

Just like the prompt says... nothing we have as a "creature comfort" is short of a miracle.  I have a very long list, but here are a few of my favorite "miracles." (Keep in mind, these are things that I normally take for granted... there are so many miracles in my life... these are just the teeny-tiny ones!)
Technology- my laptop, my phone, the ipad, the TV, my appliances, my camera, blow dryer,
                  flat iron, photoshop, blue ray, you know what I mean, right?
I've said it so many times... I'm so thankful for my bed!  It's truly made a difference in my sleep!  And my sleep has made a difference in so many other things!  Thank you NASA... for memory foam!
My home, my car, clothing, toilets, leather, carpet cleaner, my vacuum, windows that let light in, blinds that keep light out. 
MUSIC.  Sometimes I take for granted how much my life is influenced by music... but it's always there, and I couldn't live without it!

Man there are so many more... I know I could go on and on, but I'm sure I'll have a few more chances.

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