Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitude Day 2

Like I said before, I've been practicing this one for a long time.  I started counting my blessings on the way to work one day, and my day went so much better.  I thought I'd do it every time I thought about it.  It's actually pretty fun!  I try to think of things I don't usually say thank-you for... the less obvious, more taken for granted things.  So, here goes.

I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful I was able to have my kids.  I'm thankful for Jon- I so love him!  I'm thankful for the Gospel- for it's direction, and for the spirit I feel because of it.  I'm thankful for my job, for my hobbies, for my talents and even for the things I'm not so good at, cause it gives me something else to work on.  I'm grateful for my mind, for my health, and for my eyes... I love being able to see, creatively, artfully, and just to see the amazing world we live in. I'm so thankful that my kids are healthy, and good. I'm grateful for the parents I had to teach and help me through raising my own children.  I'm grateful for grandparents.  I love the ones I'm lucky to have here still, and miss the ones that have passed on.  I'm grateful for my home, I'm grateful for cameras, lenses and photoshop.  I'm grateful for my laptop, my tempurpedic bed, my car and my wedding ring.  I'm thankful scarves don't go out of style. I'm grateful for jewelry, make-up and people that learn how to do hair, so I don't have to.  I'm grateful for Hanes cushion crew socks.  I'm thankful I have feet to go in them.  I'm grateful for my hands.  I'm grateful for my friends. I'm grateful for my kids friends.  I'm thankful for my ability to talk to people.  I'm grateful for vacuums.  I'm thankful for paper, and home decor stores.  I'm grateful that even though leggings are in style, bell bottoms are too- and I can choose to wear them without looking too out of it.

5 minutes isn't long enough!  I could go on and on and on!  Don't worry- I don't prioritize in my brain- so this list is totally random and in random order!  Try it!  You'll be surprised at the things you think of!

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