Thursday, November 15, 2012

Memories = Gratitude

Where to begin?  I have so many favorites... you can scroll through this blog and find so many of them!  I think some of my favorites as a child are of my Grandma Sharon.  Not just her, but her house, her cookies, her kittens, her laugh, her red hair, the smells of alfalfa- chicken coups- the burning incinerator- and coffee.  I loved seeing pictures from her trips, seeing her being silly with her friends even OLD as she was!  I miss Sadey.

I remember going out to dinner at Ponderosa- every year on my birthday.  Nothing better than a big juicy steak- and I could put it away even at a very young age.  I remember feeling like a superstar when I got my mom and dad all to myself.

One of my favorite memories of my brothers is every time I've spent with them since I've grown up.  They are hilarious!  The time they were jumping off furniture onto the round rubber balls- thinking they could actually land it?

I remember my sister going through back surgery, and how scared I was for her.  She was in so much pain because of the problems she had recovering.  Not the happiest memory, but it makes me even more grateful she's still around.

There are so many memories!  It's true, memories do equal gratitude!


dredwinf ford said...

Your post is really interesting. I had fun and feel good while reading...thanks... :)

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Cambria said...

I'm glad you remember my recovery from my surgery because I don't... I was a little high on pain killers that week... month... months... (don't worry I wasn't abusing drugs!)

Joey said...

YES, she was!!! I had to regulate every single pill or she would have taken the whole bottle!!!

Stephanie I love that you have wonderful memories of my mom. She was such an awesome lady, my BEST friend and go to person. I miss her, miss her, miss her everyday still.

I remember one time dad and I went on a vacation. We were gone about 10 days. You stayed with Grandma and by the time we got home you were calling her MOM... Upset me at the time but now I think it was pretty cute! I remember my mom being so smug about you calling her "mom" and me being so hurt. Then, with all my moms wisdom and tact, she said "well, if you don't want her calling me "mom" maybe you just better stay home with her all the time and never go on a vacation"...I though about it and decided that she was a great mom for me and that she could be a great second mom to you and, she was!