Sunday, July 6, 2008

The 4th of July was no let down this year! We did everything I had hoped we would and more! We started out the day at the parade- lucky for us, Jon's brother-in-law Dan was willing to go early enough to get us spots on the grass and set up a shade canopy. It made the morning much more enjoyable! I love seeing the jets fly by and this year another plane was flying with them. Unfortunately for me though, that was the highlight. I'm sure the kids didn't notice, but I thought the parade this year wasn't as good as it was in years past- but that's probably because I don't know anyone in it anymore! We hauled the jet-skis down with us though, and left directly from there to the lake for the day. It was ridiculously crowded, but it made for a fun day. We had our jet-skis and Jeff brought his, and Ali, Rylee and I even got to take a ride on Kandie and DeeJays boat! Despite the sunblock, Jon and I both ended up with irritating sun-burns, but luckily the kids are all right! I'm still extremely upset because I left my camera home and didn't get to take any pictures till our barbeque at Anah's that evening. Regardless, we had fun. I love spending time with the family we don't see as much, and that includes Jeff, Missy and their kids. Even with Robin babysitting this summer, it seems like we hardly ever see them all together. Jon's sister Betsy, her husband Dan and their 2 kids were fun to see. Their son Easton is such a riot. He totally reminds me of Gage as a baby- so so happy and fun. After we ate till we couldn't eat anymore, and then had dessert, we met our best buddies the Fairey's at the park in the usual spot. Even better? John Fairey parked his car with enough room to let us in when we got there! Don't you HATE people that do that! Hee hee! The kids played and we enjoyed eachothers company till dark, when John Fairey pulled out the blow-torch and the kids started playing with sparklers!! We found that a blow-torch is so much more efficient, and it entertains even the big kids! (John and Jon!!) The fireworks were amazing as usual, and the kids were so much fun! At one time we found Ali sitting with Jennifer Fairey and Jen's little puppy Axel passed out on Ali's legs! She was in heaven! Gage played hard and the kids slept really good that night!

Then it was off to see my family at the cabin. I look forward to this time of year also for Scofields Pleasant Valley Days. It's just a dinky little thing, with blow up slides that cost way to much to go down, and booths of people peddling their various treasures... yes, I did get some new sunglasses, yea, even sunglasses to rival the ones I got last year!! But, I'll probably lose them soon anyway, so all y'all might not be able to make fun.
We were lucky enough to extend our holiday- they did fireworks over the lake that evening and we did sparklers again with the whole family, unfortunately, no blow-torch. We are a very tired family tonight, but excited to share our fun just the same. It's a long post, but it'll help me remember everything when I go to scrapbook it all! Thanks to all our friends and family who made my favorite holiday one to remember once again!


Barnes Family said...

That sounds like fun! We didn't get fireworks here because of a big dust storm.. Yucky!
So, officer John took two parking places? That's so my brother!
I'm glad that Jenny was there with you guys.

Melissa said...

I've tried posting some comments before and couldn't figure out what username I'm supposed to use so you're getting all of this at once. If I have to come up there and tattoo my phone number on your forehead I will do that! How about I'll call you at home and you can WRITE it down!!!! J/K. I miss you too! I can totally plan on coming up again. I'll call you and we'll work it out. I love looking at your stuff on here. This is so fun.