Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 4th y'all!

I'm getting in my 3 days of work early this week so I can have the weekend with my family! The 4th is my favorite holiday- even more than Christmas! I decided that one of the few reasons I'm still in Vernal is because of this holiday. We have so much fun! Friday morning we'll go to our dinky little homemade parade, and then go straight from there to the lake. We bought jet-skis a while back, and can't get enough of them during the summer. Then, my favorite part is going to the park with the rest of the city of Vernal. We'll barbeque and hang out till it gets dark and let the kids do sparklers and watch the amazing firework show our little town puts on. It really is an amazing show! Thanks to our good friends the Faireys, we've started a great tradition of fun times! You are all invited though! Give us a call and we'll tell you where to meet us!


Jake and Alex said...

I like the Y'all. Very country of you. sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Sorry we're gonna miss it.

Jamie said...

back at ya chicky!!!

Barnes Family said...

Hey!! How fun to find your blog!! I haven't read any yet but I will.. It's good to see you guys! We sure do miss Vernal..