Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream Anyone?

Oh Ali. Almost 5, and she still looks like this after ice-cream. She had messed up her shirt so bad, I made her take it off, and there was still chocolate all the way down her belly! I could understand a little better if it were an ice-cream cone or some kind of popsicle, but no, she had a spoon!!!
I'll be one tough mom after we get through these years, I may never have as much fun again, but I'll definately be tough.


Jake and Alex said...

She seems to have a talent for getting really messy when she eats. pretty awesome.

The Van Komen's said...

Ali is so darling. I'm pretty sure I look like that after some good chocolate ice cream too!!

Michele & Wyatt said...

a girl after my own heart. I love ice cream. I'm glad that she makes sure to really enjoy her ice cream.