Friday, July 18, 2008

What's up?

So, tonight we go to Wingers with our friends the Simons, and I swear I am cursed with poor service just for walking in the place. But once again, I watched as 3 other tables (no smaller than ours) came in and were seated, ordered and were eating before we even got our food! It was already after 8pm, I had taken the kids to the Rec. center earlier that day, I was famished! Therefore also a little ornery. But my gosh! It took us 45 minutes to get our food! What is it with our Wingers? Is it just me? I could honestly say it's happened 8 out of 10 times I've been there. And while I'm on my little rant, let's talk kids.

Someday I hope to look at this and laugh, and I'm hoping this is not a pre-cursor to the future, but afraid it is. My beautiful Ali has run into yet another rough patch in her 4 1/2 years on earth. This summer has been especially hard on us...for instance, she spilled nail polish all over my new kitchen. I'm in the market for 3 new barstools because of this instance. I have nail polish in the grout of my tile, and on the vinyl of my sliding glass door. It came off the granite OK, but the tile is something else. I'm sure the sliding door won't be a problem, it's just me being lazy that it isn't cleaned off already. Well, then she cut her hair. FOR THE 5TH TIME!!! To even it out, I cut off about 3 inches. Luckily it's still cute, but I told her, and mark my words, if she does it again, she's getting a buzz. As if that wasn't enough, she hauled of and bit (yes bit) our darling neighbor girl Rylee. I'm sure it was a little provoked, but there is no excuse for biting. Holy crap! She's still got a bruise in the shape of Ali's teeth and it's been 3 days! I did the old Tobasco sauce thing, and I think it worked. I'll have to remember to threaten it more often. She also got grounded, and I am still a little leary of letting her play with Rylee, I don't think Rylee's mom wants anything to do with us anymore. Can I really blame her? Compound that with the daily fits of disobedience, sass and stubborness, and you get a little picture of my life as Ali's mom right now. Any suggestions? My awesome dad let me vent to him today, but all he could say was, "I don't know what YOUR going to do...good luck with that!"

Please don't get me wrong. Ali is my favorite girl in the whole world. I love her so so much, which is why it breaks my heart to have her act so naughty! I am so grateful for my darling baby doll, but I don't know what to do anymore. Think SuperNanny comes to Armpit, USA?

On the other hand, my biggest fight with Gage all summer has been my paranoia at the Rec. center. I don't want him going without his life-jacket, and he doesn't think he needs it anymore. We've been swimming a couple times now, and honestly, Gage can't swim well enough to be without it. He thinks he can, but I'm not willing to take the chance. Time for swimming lessons!

I also have an annoying dog problem. The neighbors have this humongous dog that makes huge noise in the middle of the night. I think the owner is probably too "out of it" to even wake up to the noise, but the rest of the neighbors are dealing with it instead. Is it totally lame to call the cops if it's seriously keeping you up at night?

And lastly, for all the card class friends, my "last" class will be on the 31st of this month. But not to fear, I will probably find a way to get my kits out there and available even if I don't have the facility for class anymore...we'll see if I'm up to it. I would miss you all too much if I didn't get to see you at least once a month! Perhaps a card friend blog? We'll talk...

I'm working tomorrow, and now that I've sufficiently vented, I'm ready for bed. Please comment if anyone would like to offer suggestions, or moral support!!!


Kandice said...

My Goodness Stephanie-we live twin lives!!! Wingers has did that same thing to me like a zillion times. Just when I decide not to go anymore, they seem to pull it together and give me super quick service-and then they slip back into not so quick for like 12 times.
As for the naughty kids problem, I am having all 3 kids be in naughty stages at the same time. Gavin and Kayler-we just won't go there, but if it will make you feel better, scroll back on my blog over the last few months, and you will see why. Hallie will be 8 in Sept. and she has developed an attitude, lucky me. She also has the life jacket prob at the rec center. She doesn't want to seem "uncool", but she is so skinny and she sinks like a rock and doesn't swim all that well.
The dog thing is a problem at our neighborhood too, I did a post not too long ago about it. I am such a light sleeper, and I am SO sick of it.
You need to host card class at your house. I have my card group, but I have taken the summer off because I was getting stressed out about it. I need crafty people like you to teach me how. I know a ton of ppl that would sign up in a heartbeat.
Well, now that you have a novel of my ramblings, at least know that you are not alone!!!

Barnes Family said...

Hey Steph! I totally feel your pain. I wish I had some wonderful help for you but I need it myself. Madi likes to tell us that we're not friends and to leave here alone. Oh and my favorite, "Go AWAY!" Kind of makes you feel bad. Hopefully it's just a stage that she'll grow out of really soon.
Ahh! Wingers! We don't have them here but do I remember the days of the bad service. I remember going once and I had someone else's lip stick on my glass. That went back right away.. Yuck!!
Oh yeah and dogs barking at night! I have to say I'm not above calling the cops about stuff like that. I don't understand why people don't keep their dogs quiet. Vernal needs a dog complaint line or something. One thing we've found that helps is to sleep with a loud fan on. Isn't it nice to feel prisoner in your own home.. Good luck!

Jamie said...

steph sounds like its time for a long girls night out , the works ,movie ,dinner and end with scrapbooking call me anytime and im there, oh and by the way i spilled bright flourescent pink nailpolish on my new tile and its a light tan yikes i freaked!!