Saturday, October 4, 2008

All "Tuckered" out...

Early in September my dad offered me a time-share in Snowbird for the last week of September-first of October. He said he had had it for about 10 years and had never been there. Jon and I decided we'd see what it's like before we made any plans to actually make it our own, and went up this weekend. Well, in all my brilliance and what I would call "common sense" I assumed the time-share would go Sunday to Sunday- but alas... it went Saturday to Saturday. We left Friday, ended up only being able to stay one night and had to check out by 10am the next morning. But we did make the decision to keep it. I had honestly never been up Little Cottonwood Canyon before, and I was blown away. The colors were amazing, the view was perfect and if we would have planned better, there were so many things to do! We learned though, and now know better what to expect next year. The first thing I hope I remember next year is my stinkin CAMERA!!! What an idiot! I seriously pouted about the camera for hours! I am still kicking myself in the rear for forgetting it! Even though it was raining all day today, the pictures could have been something else! Note to self... keep the camera in the car!

After we left Snowbird this morning we spent the day shopping, and went out to dinner with our family, the Nix's. It was our niece's birthday today and we got to go to lunch with them and they even put the fish hat on little Addy and took a picture of her for Betsy. My husband is always wanting McGraths whenever we're close to one, and we weren't disappointed! It was so good! The company was great too, our nephew Easton is such a character! Anyone around him could be entertained for hours! I don't think he ever quits smiling! (Or eating for that matter!) We love it when we get the chance to visit with Dan and's not nearly often enough.

Shopping at the outlets turned out to be successful. We all ended up with new clothes, but Gage and Ali were way more interested in the stickers on all the clothes. We caught them pulling them off of a ton of different things in the stores...of course, anyone would have known it was them... once we got home, they took them off of everything we had bought- who needs video games when you have size stickers-right? This was Gage after he had fallen asleep tonight- what a cutie!


Ethington Family said...

sounds like fun!

Kandice said...

Hehe, what a fun getaway! the stickers are so cute. My Hallie could care less about clothes, but Gavin would have done that same thing. Have a great day!

Lucky Me said...

I'm so bummed for you, I love Snowbird. I wish you could have enjoyed it a little more. When we lived in Salt Lake our conference weekend tradition was to drive up the canyon to look at the colors and then have a picnic/walk at the end. It is so beautiful this time of year. Was there snow yet?

Just me! said...

Your children are so creative! How fun!

Ethington Family said...

*grin* You stinker for remembering all those times I tried to sound so smart (Which doesn't mean I don't think that way- I at least know what I'm tring to say-ha ha)
YES! my kids throw fits, and I should be use to it. It's the fits I don't expect or whose throwing them that threw me for a loop. Seth is my melow one. he rarely gets up set and certainly not for over an hour. He is usually the ticked off silent type. You know when he's made because he tells you then locks himself in his room. This was sooo much different than that, that is actually struck me as really funny. Had it been Janey who is not so quiet when angry, I would have had a different reaction completely.
Your kids are darling and it sounds like you are all having fun. It's good to hear from you!