Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party at School!

Gage's school put on a cute little Halloween party for the kids, with all kinds of games, contests, and prizes. This is Gage with our neighbor Benjamin Bolton- (who by the way, won both the best costume contest and the pumpkin carving contest! Way to go Benji!) They were the cutest pirates, and both so excited to be there! Even though Ali isn't in school yet, she was able to come and have fun too! She played all the games with Gage and kept up really well! She is our pretty little witch. I have to thank my mom for finding the costumes. Vernal is slim pickins when it comes to anything like that! They look so cute! Ali was in heaven being able to go with us!
It was so funny watching them try to eat donuts off a string!
The worst thing they could have done though was make it a contest, and sure enough, it was!
Gage got the first bite right away, and Ali was doomed to lose after that. She didn't mind though, as long as she got the donut in the end!
I love it when I can watch my kids having so much fun!
They played bingo and did a cake walk- we watched a few kids sing songs about Halloween to us and we ate chicken noodle soup in pumpkin colored bread bowls. I thought it was great- the people in charge must have gone to a lot of trouble to pull it together. They did a really awesome job!
After bingo, they were able to ice a pumpkin cookie. They ate it at the same time and then I called it a night. It was fun while it lasted though!


The Holdaway Family said...

FUN! I love things like this! Our last ward did a halloween party a lot like this...I love the doughnut on a string game, so funny to watch!

Michele and Wyatt said...

Your kids look so cute. Happy Halloween!

Loreli Caldwell said...

Your kids look so cute!!! I love the pirate.

Karin said...

I love Halloween. Your kids look so cute. Love the costumes.