Saturday, October 25, 2008

Her Big Night!

Our little cheerleader! Ali was so excited to perform her dance! She got to wear make-up and get her hair done "so cute" (as cute as you can do a self-made mullet) and she got to wear her pajama pants under her jeans and 3 shirts! It was like 25 degrees outside when they did the dance, I wanted her to be warm! She was so funny, right at the last minute before they started dancing, the tallest little girl in the group stepped right in front of her. I think I have a video I could probably download, cause Ali's face was priceless! You'll have to watch close, it comes and goes pretty fast, but it's worth everything else. I was too cold to hold still though, so hopefully you can see what's going on! She did a pretty good job, I guess as good as any 5 year old could do with 3 days of practice! I can't decide if dance or gymnastics would be a better outlet for her... but one or the other would definately help with the winter bordum!

So, we paid $13 to get into the football game for 10 minutes of watching my daughter freeze, while we were freezing ourselves! But Ali loves being the center of attention and had a great time with cheer camp. I'm so glad we had friends willing to help us get through the week!


The Holdaway Family said...

Man I was bummed that a girl got in her way, but then she moved...she is really cute and I loved that she was glaring at the girl that got in her way!

Just me! said...

You have a future cheerleader on your hands!! Way cute!!