Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Shower, a photoshoot, a farewell, and a reunion-

My sisters-in-law-Cami,Lisa and Loreli, me, Cambria and my hot Mom.
My nephew Cole, Gage, my niece Maddy and Ali

My Mom and her Dad- my Grandpa Bob

Even though it was quite an ordeal - I made it to Springville Saturday morning by 9:30am so that I could drive up to Bountiful with my mom and my sister- and my sisters-in-law to Cambria's bridal shower. (Cambria being my sister...) We pull up to an amazing home above the golf course there, and were treated to a wonderful shower given by her future Mother-in-law. Their house was amazing, and it was hard to pay attention to Cambria as she was spoiled rotten- I just wanted to look around and take mental pictures of all the things that made that house so phenomenal!

After the shower we hung out close to home and let the kids play around in all of Grandmas awesome leaves. I really miss that about Springville, the oak brush, the acorns and the leaves in the fall. So even though we've had a lot of fall pictures, I couldn't resist a few more...and I'm so glad I did.

Also, it was the last time I'd see my mom before she leaves for Africa this Thursday. Needless to say, she's a little nervous and stressed for the upcoming life-altering mission she's about to embark on, but I can't believe how nervous and stressed it's making me! We'll manage OK here without her, she needs this trip, it's something she's always wanted to do, but I hate thinking of her being so far away! And I'm sure it's been hard on her too, having to try and get a wedding ready at the same time! My mom has never been short of SuperMom, why would I expect anything less now? You go Mom! I know you are going to be fine, just please be careful...I love you so much! And as an added bonus, my Grandpa Bob was able to come up and stay the night. It was so nice to get to see and talk to him again. The man hasn't changed since I was a little girl- well, he's sporting a shorter haircut now is all, but he's such a stud- isn't he? I love my Grandpa, and loved the opportunity to reminisce some old times with him this trip.


Jamey said...

Hey Stephanie, this is Jamey (Pam's daughter). She told me I had to check out how cute your blog is! She's right.. it's darling! Where do you get your scrapbook paper from? I love Grandpa Bob he is one of the nicest people I have ever met! You really see where Bruce got his personality from in Bob. I hope they have fun in Africa, but I have to admit that I'm kinda nervous for them too. Let's hope everything goes well and they have a great time!

Jamey said...

That's funny! You probably saw my blog while I was working on it. I was trying to figure out what paper to use. I get frustrated trying to find paper that looks good. That website has the cutest layouts! I hope you don't care that I used one. I'll keep it on the down low. Cutest blog on the block was just getting too popular.

I miss Bruce alot too! My kids loved him so much! He was a really good thing for our family. I'm glad that we still have Neen though. I love that she still considers herself part of the family... We love her! Good to talk to you too! Hopefully we'll se you at Cam's shower. I think my mom is planning one for her after they get back.

Barnes Family said...

Such cute photo's! Your Mom looks so young. She so cute! Why is she going to Africa? Is it just for fun? How long will she be away? Just tell her to send you lot's of postcards.
I tagged you on my blog!

Jamie said...

You sure have a cute family how fun !! and as far as the 7 instead of 5 thing in november goes , Ill have to check with my hhhhmmmm person!! LOL sounds so mysterious doesnt it!!

The Holdaway Family said...

I love the fall pictures! We just moved in a new neighborhood that has new trees in it so I haven't gotten any pictures of the kids in the leaves yet...I will have to go to the park for that!

What is your mom going to do in Africa? How long is she going to be gone? Sounds exciting and scary at the same time!