Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Let me remind you all once more- Gage is my easy one, the laid-back-easy-going-sweet-as-can-be-love-of-my-life-who-never-gets-in-trouble-unless-he's-anywhere-but-home-perfect-little-boy-I'm-proud-to-call-my-son. BUT, there are a few issues that need to be delt with here and there, just as I'm sure there are issues for every mother with perfect little boys. (You all should be TASTING the sarcasm by now...) But with our new "room inspections" rule- (which by-the-way, I got in trouble for not having done them myself today...I told you his involvment wouldn't last!)- has uncovered some hidden secrets in our household. First of all, Gage is a pack-rat. I think he has saved every picture he's ever drawn, and when you buy paper by the ream so he'll have something to draw on... that's a lot of pictures. He never puts anything away. He has more clothing than I remember him having, because instead of throwing them down our oh-so-convenient and easy-to-use laundry shute, he pushes them behind his chest of drawers or under his bed, and I have forgotten about them! There are many more, like his fascination with red poster paint and white carpet, but my favorite, by far, is his secret stash. Holy crap! I guess I just thought he had eaten, or given away his candy from Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, birthdays...but NOOOOO. This was taken from his room last night- it weighs over 3 pounds!
Granted, most of it is Valentines...thank you Grandpa Steve and Grandma "Oey." But the wrappers that littered his closet! Wow! I know what you are all thinking, or maybe you're not, but I am...I must have let his room get disgusting for all this to be found out now. I promise you, I have cleaned his closet out many times and never found this...I could have died! No wonder our dentist bills are wiping out our savings right now! Are you kidding me? He had it hidden in a drawer of the nightstand we have in his closet- among other places. I feel like a horrible mom. Am I really that oblivious?
And, not to leave my wonderfully-angelic-slightly sassy-beautiful-hard-headed-but beautiful heathen of a daughter out, but we've learned that she has NO IDEA what it means to clean her room! This is what I found tonight:
The mess from the day, all neatly hidden under the blanket from her bed. What a sweet heart, but it looks like Saturday is Cleaning 101. Anyone else want to come over?


The Hansen Clan said...

This is great to see cause I am glad my kids are not the only one that stash candy and hide their clothes to make it clean.. Can Lakyn come over for cleaning 101 cause she is the one that can't figure it out.. and Masen is a neat freak..:)

p.s. I went private so e-mail me your address so I can add u.

Lucky Me said...

Maybe when you're done at your house you can come and give my kids a butt kickin' too. I don't think they can hear me anymore, just more "selective" hearing.

Just me! said...

How funny!!! I love how he keeps all his pictures. And all that candy!! Hillarious! I say he is a smart kid!

Michele and Wyatt said...

I don't really want to come over for Cleaning 101, but can I send my kids? Maybe if someone else taught them they would think it was more important. Good luck!