Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Happy Easter.

We really are lucky to have such wonderful family. After meeting Cambria, my Mom and my kids in Park City we did a little Easter Egg hunt in Jeff and Missy's backyard. We had literally HUNDREDS of eggs and each kid made a huge haul. Grandma Anah stuffs a whole bunch of eggs with one dollar bills so even the bigger kids like to find them! They hunted through the mud and rain and filled all their baskets, buckets and pockets with all of the eggs that were more spread than hidden!
I love Easter. I'm not a real outwardly emotional person when it comes to my faith, but giving a lesson in Relief Society once a month has made me more aware of the fact that I should be. I love this Gospel. I am learning so much about Joseph Smith, and my testimony of him grows with each lesson I prepare. After an especially tearful lesson today ( yes, I had to do the Easter lesson! ) I realized that I may not be as valiant of an example as I should be. After the week I had, I am so grateful for my faith, and I know that things work out the way they do for a reason, I'm just so relieved things worked out in our favor. Thank heavens! Because I have been so blessed, I owe it to my religion to be a better example- and promise to work on it diligently.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday! One more day with the kids out of school and then things will have to get back to normal- darn.


The Frewbys said...

You did a really good job with your lesson in RS. Just so you know I was crying right along with you.

Joey said...

Stephanie! I love this picture of Gage!!! He is such a great kid. Thank you for letting us take them last weekend. It was FUN! Let's do it again SOON. Email me that picture is you don't mind I want to add it to my stash! Also the one that I think should have a BUG on his nose! We should photoshop that in I am sure that it would take a prize in some competition somewhere!

Joey said...

Oops...sorry about the typo!