Friday, April 10, 2009

Ah, the quiet!

It isn't often that I leave my kids for more than work. I don't like missing more of their childhood than I already am being gone 3 days a week. I complain a lot, I know- but I really do enjoy the time I get to spend with them. It's spring break in Vernal, and the kids have been out of school since Wednesday afternoon. I was lucky enough to get to work Thursday and Friday, and again on I was stressing about having someone to watch them. In one of my many venting sessions on the phone with my sister, she generously offered to watch my kids for the weekend. I don't think she realized how generous she was being! They've been at her house in Orem since Wednesday, and I'll go pick them up in Park City tomorrow. Meanwhile, Jon and I have enjoyed our nights after work, taking advantage as much as we know how of our time alone together.

Yesterday was Jons 38th birthday! I know, why did I marry such an old fart, right? Have you seen my husband? Because he's a hotty-romalotty...that's why! (But not the only reason of course.) He and I did the standard date-night, dinner and a movie- the only thing to do in town- forgetting that it was spring-break for the high school, and other kids too. It was a little annoying to be in a theater with a bunch of sweaty teenagers. But, we did have a good time and didn't have to worry if the kids got to bed OK. We've been awfully busy though, and any thoughts of being able to catch up on house work without Ali undoing all that I do have completey vanished. I may be able to get a little of it done tonight- and I should, considerring the BBQ tomorrow night is at our house!

Honestly, I can't wait to get my kids home! I really do miss the chaos- the stress- the antics! My life would be so boring without so much going on! So, for future reference, no matter how much I complain, I really do love being a mom- I love my kids and I wouldn't trade this life for any other.


J, K, E & C Hadley said...

I didn't realize you married an older guy as well. Jeff will be 39 in June.

Enjoy your mommy-free time!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Stephanie. We were teenagers once too and would probably be part of the teenage movie crowd. :) I guess Sara will be able to relate with you by marrying an older guy. She's only 22 and I'm only 25. hehe

Jamie said...

Im gonna start calling jon Mr. Mchotty LOL!!!!