Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ali's got talent!

The endless entertainment a wad of gum can provide! What a funny little girl- and so talented too! The days I struggle with Ali are the days that I try to remember how it was to be a kid her age. Unfortunately, I can't. I love her. I love her personality, and like that wad of gum, she is endless entertainment!


Sky n' Cam said...

Steph I love her hair, it's so cute how it goes all the way around her head!

Gage's little money making stand looks like every kids dream- tell him I have a snow cone maker that he can have if he wants it- it made me a lot of dimes, nickles and pennies back in the day- gotta find that little snow cone maker- now that was fun!

I miss you guys I can't wait to see you for a few short days next week-

Joey said...

All that hot air is good for something after all! BUBBLES! I love her hair too. She always looks so cute.