Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's almost over!

What a riot! If I ever wondered why I had children, this would be one of my favorite reasons! Gage's first grade program was today, and we were not disappointed! I took video for those of you who care to watch, but it is kind of long. Just a quick story behind the whole dancing thing; one day Gage came home from school a little upset cause his teacher told him he was "terrible" during dance. (yeah, that concerned me a little) To date, it's my favorite reaction from his father- Jon looked at him a little put out and said- "oh well buddy- I think it's OK if you aren't the best dancer!" But evidently he came a long way- or maybe it's just a biased Mom. Regardless, he did such a good job!


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Sky n' Cam said...

I love how he kept looking at you- he's such a cute little all star although I don't think that he is at all a terrible dancer- sorry Jon and his teacher I bet she's never taken a ballet class, jazz class, modern nor nothing so who is she to say that a first grader is terrible? grrrr I might have to give her a dance lesson- she'll be dancing around the room away from my fists-

The Holdaway Family said...

What a cute program! I love how concentrated all the kids are! Can you believe that school is almost over??

Joey said...

Oh my gosh!!! what a HAM!!! I love it. Sort of reminds me of his mother in RAZZLE DAZZLE!! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

The Durham Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! What cute kids we have! I want copies!!!! Pretty please?!?!??! Thanks for getting a few shots of my Dallin in there for his delinquent mom!